Food Log: 4/15

B: Quest Bar

L: Split Pea Soup. Steamed Spinach with Steamed Onion. Garlic Kale. Marinated Mushrooms. Yuca. Curry Cabbage and carrots

D: Garlic Kale. Marinated Mushrooms. Roasted Tomato, Bell Peppers and Eggplant. Fried Plantains 

GYM: 30mins on the Elliptical and 20min Inclined Walk

S: Quest Bar. Grapes

Food Log: 4/14

Lunch: Grilled Red Peppers. Yellow Squash. Roasted Green Beans. Onion. and Eggplant. Pickles. Quartered Artichoke Hearts. Frozen Peas and Carrots

S: Quest Bar

D: Spinach Salad with: Hearts of Palm. Tomato. Red Onion. Grilled Chicken. Raw Peppers. Broccoli

S: 2tbs Almond Butter